PTO Powered Water & Trash Pumps

Proudly Made in the USA Since 2006

Our PTO water and trash pumps feature a simple design with high quality components.

Product List

ModelTypeGPMGPHPSIHeadSolidsL" x W" x H"Weight
TP-2PTP2” Pressure135810088205'No32 x 26 x 37225 lbs.
TP-2PTR2” Trash2201320049115'1.00"32 x 26 x 37225 lbs.
TP-3PTR3” Trash3201920045105'1.25"32 x 26 x 37225 lbs.
TP-4PTR4” Trash5203120052120'2.00"32 x 26 x 37325 lbs.
TP-3PT3” Dewatering4402640052120'Dirty Water32 x 26 x 37200 lbs.
TP-HYD22” Hydraulic240144003785'Dirty Water26 x 20 x 2070 lbs.
TP-HYD33” Hydraulic280168003785'Dirty Water26 x 20 x 2072 lbs.
TP-3VS3” Ventrac/Steiner310186003785'Dirty Water30 x 26 x 1673 lbs.

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